Eldfall Chronicles is a universe, trademarking the tabletop skirmish wargame played with miniatures.
It will receive minor and major expansions. The first game that represents the base for all future expansions is titled simply as “Eldfall Chronicles” – we call it the Kickstarter 2021 edition or simply as V1. It was successfuly funded on Kickstarter through a crowdfunding effort in 2021. Since, the universe received one minor expansion called the “Wayfarers”, adding 8 more models to the line. In 2023 the universe will receive a major expansion titled “Northern Wind”. Each expansion gives more lore, quests, gameplay and of course, new miniatures. 


Exquisite miniatures that are fit for every painter- even the most demanding! As hobby painters, we were particularly adamant about the quality of the materials and level of details on the minis. This is why the models are made of a unique material – a type of high quality resin that holds similar properties to hard plastic. The many details are wonderfully defined and elevated, making the painting extremely fun!
We ensured the quality with vigorous testing and adjustments.
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Eldfall Chronicles (first edition skirmish wargame) was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2021; here began its and our journey.

A stand-alone expansion (interchangeable with the core game) to the universe is coming to Kickstarter in late spring 2023, read the full article here.

Read about the game here. Read a summary of gameplay here
Access the free Resources here.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts. We started out making the setting and then the game, which was all made just for our regular get-togethers, where we played into the night. Later, after a lot of our friends told us that they love the game, we started thinking about making it for real. 

We are a small company striving to make Eldfall Chronicles with love and attention; with our love for history, historical martial arts, mythology, strategy and design, we want to make it so that it is visually pleasing, inclusive, and immersive.

The main creator, illustrator, concept designer and main owner of Freecompany d.o.o.

Also: Maru26 on Discord

Co-designer and co-creator of Eldfall Chronicles, lietutenant, main editor, writer and graphic artist.

Also: T-chan on Discord

Developer, manager, playtester, demo expert. 

Playtester, gameplay adviser, demo expert.

Photographer, camera expert.

Our vision is to create a fun experience for everyone playing the game.

We hope it is stimulating and entertaining and that it gets everyone together around a table. Our goal is for it to becomes a game that strengthens bonds and creates a space for fantasy enthusiasts to immerse themselves in.

We are striving to make it more than just a game. We want it to be an experience. 

We are growing the game in every aspect and enjoy keeping strong connections to you throughout this endeavor.

Our plans are to keep expanding Eldfall Chronicles and show you more and more of Calad. We are making efforts to establish communities, that would create a space for learning and enjoying the game on a regular basis and eventually establish tournaments and OP (organised play). The game is slowly going to worldwide in-store retail, but keep note that it might take some time for you to see it on a store shelf near you. It is difficult to establish bonds with every friendly local gaming store, so if you can, recommend us to your retailer.

The game is being translated to German – expect the translated core rules in 2023 Q3.


We’re a bunch of enthusiasts, creating our first game ever! We’re a small team of 3 students, striving to make a game with love and a lot of research and attention. Our ideal is to create a game that is realistic enough to be convincing even though it is of the fantasy genre. We love history, historical martial arts, mythology, strategy and design among other things. We want to intertwine these into a game that is visually pleasing, inclusive and immersive. 

We are students of history, Asian Studies, Japanology, management and Tourism. Even if these areas are seemingly far from creating a game, we want to implement our knowledge and experience to the best of our abilities. 

A look into the design process

Currently, apart from the miniatures and the scenery artworks (the cover art and faction art),
which were commissioned, we make everything ourselves. We are slowly broadening our
connections and giving out more commissions. After the Kickstarter, we will see how we will
continue gathering material.

The miniature /character art design process consists of vigorous research into real weaponry
and armor, environments, histories and practicality. We think that realism is, to some extent,
important when making a convincing setting. However, we do implement the fantasy feeling
into everything we design. Sometimes aesthetics take priority over practicality, and we think
that since this is a fantasy game, it is sometimes even necessary (as long as it makes some

Below are some concept art and design process examples. These are handed out to
commissioned artists, who make the corresponding miniatures
(Note that some reality reference pictures were added, that are not our property; these were
used exclusively as an example.)