Amazon Gladiatrix

Amazons are a tribe of natural-born warriors. They are members of various races, who are united in their inhuman strength; a gift that is transmitted only through the female lineage.

While they are a subject of fascination, heroic fables, and poems, they were once feared and ostracized. Many were chained in shackles and paraded about giant places of combat – masses gloated over their epic fights for survival and glory. They were not the only ones to star in the events, however, they pitted their skills against  beasts and monstrosities for the pleasure of primitive masses, and soon they were the soul of many legends. 

After several centuries, they rose against their oppressors, taking the arenas for themselves and freeing all who were in chains. Today many Amazons remain close to the arenas, dominating the sphere, and some are wealthier than nomarchs.

Although having access to the best wargear the world has to offer, most decide to keep their iconic gladiatorial gear that exposes vital parts to flaunt their might. This way everyone knows what they are going up against. And this way, they can decide their fate aforehand. 

Miniature sculpted by: Lailson Camini

Note: Amazon Gladiatrix is a neutral model and can be recruited into any faction, provided that you can pay her recruitment points.