Ráehel and Tøgmu – EPISODE 1

Ráehel and Tøgmu - EPISODE 1 A short story on revenge, malice and hunt amidst the darkness of a great subterranean city. ✎ By Jan Tarman, with contributions from Tjaša…

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The Magic System and Gameplay

In the last two articles, we wrote about the general lore behind the magic (arcana) in Eldfall Chronicles. Make sure to read them if you're interested - they should serve…

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Design Notes: Expeditionary Hierophant

Helian League Faction Designs The faction's design is largely aesthetically inspired by the ancient Greece, combined with the aesthetic sense of many other cultures, predominantly medieval European and Arabic. And…

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Design Notes: Onitaoshi

The Empire of Soga Faction Designs  When it comes to the Empire of Soga, it is not too difficult to notice, that the empire is largely inspired by late medieval…

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Factions Overview

Hey there! In this post I'd like to talk about factions and how they compare to one another (in terms of play-style and feel).  As mentioned in the gameplay description,…

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