Citadel Guard

There are Rin born with a severed connection to mana. They are resistant to its flows, mostly impervious to its touch and shielded from any harm. In the olden times, they were feared and considered as tainted and unnatural. But when the Age of Dusk began, profanity’s grasp could not befall them. Because of this, they instead became understood as the ‘Chosen of Hyperia’ and are revered as “the Shield of Helrin”. 

They serve as an indispensable line of defense of the capital city and its Citadel, the hearth of Helrin civilization. They are a rare find, hence one can only hope to have one close by when under attack. 

Well-armed, almost impervious to magic, and rigorously trained in the ways of combat, they are sometimes assigned to expeditions or to individuals of pivotal importance.

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos