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It is time to delve deep into the first of many chronicles…


Northern Wind is an immersive dungeon-crawl experience paired with our tabletop skirmish mechanics, plunging the players into a spine-chilling adventure, that will decide the fate of a whole Empire!

Northern Wind is an unforgettable adventure that offers a unique blend of tactical depth, immersive dungeon-crawl storytelling, and premium hand-crafted miniatures. It is a game that will keep you engaged for hours on end and offers endless replayability with the option to use our other models from Eldfall Chronicles in your campaign! 


Northern Wind invites you to embark on a challenging expedition in the northern Empire of Soga. The Empire has been locked in a fierce battle against the invading Oni, monstrous demons that pose a significant threat to the northernmost parts of the Empire. The grueling battle against the devouring scourge has been going on for years and the toll on the people has been reaching a breaking point, forcing the Empire to plan an attack on the Oni lair

Unfortunately, the Empire’s plan to play the offensive is thwarted by a clever ambush. Now, the fate of the Empire rests in the hands of four heroes: Anari,Seigen, Tharos and Na’ra. See all lore related articles listed at the end of the page. 

The journey ahead is filled with peril and will test the courage, strength, and wit of the heroes. Join forces with them as they navigate the treacherous slopes of Mt. Byōdō and combat malevolent entities that seek to destroy them.

Answer the call of the Adventurers’ Guild and join the hunt!
“Hunt the Haunting!”



  • A dungeon-crawling RPG experience featuring the EC skirmish mechanics.
  • Solo, Coop, PvP mechanics.
  • Standalone game with new elements, but fully interchangeable/fully compatible with the EC skirmish wargame – you can use the Eldfall Chronicles minis and profiles in Northern Wind & vice versa!
  • New characters, new enemies. And oh boy we cannot wait for you to try them out!
  • Signature top-quality miniatures – made with next-gen resin (Unicool resin).
  • Fast-paced, tactical combat, tile-based movement, modular tiles.
  • Nail-biting quests and challenges, unexpected twists and instances, it will offer dozens of hours of content – endless replayability with a branching story & hero leveling!
  • Lots of lore, art, and careful design. The japanese themes are developed with real japanese culture and history in mind, offering a unique but immersive spin on fantasy. 


Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind offers a versatile gaming experience with cooperative and solo modes, with the option to engage in one-off pvp battles. This stand-alone expansion introduces the dungeon-crawl setting and a captivating cooperative narrative campaign, expanding the Eldfall Chronicles series.

The cooperative narrative campaign is driven by lore, immersive storytelling, and a unique tactical depthEach player assumes the role of a hero who survived a brutal ambush in the treacherous northern mountains, burdened with the fate of the Empire. Guided by the Quest Map, the heroes embark on a race against time, aiming to reach the summit of Mt. Byōdō before the Blood Moon rises and breaks the seal holding back the demonic Oni… and something worse.

Throughout their journey, the heroes confront challenging quests and formidable enemies that stand between them and the impending calamity. These quests represent battles, featuring modular tile-based movement and dynamic action-reaction mechanics to keep all players engaged at all timesEnemies react to the heroes’ actions and take their own turns against the players, accompanied by unpredictable Instance cards that can alter the situation.

During the travels, you level your heroes if they have enough Valor (“experience points”), equip them with new items found on the way, unlock synergies between the heroes, and more. The treacherous mountain path is filled with everchanging paths and exciting and ominous Events, offering opportunities for gaining Valor, testing wits, and presenting difficult decisions.

Northern Wind’s narrative campaign has an immense replayability value. Throughout the campaign, there are three main storylines leading toward the top of Mt. Byōdō. Additionally, the Event cards, equipment, chosen synergies, and multiple endings make each playthrough unique. By adding expansions, upgrades, and models from outside of Northern Wind, you can further enhance the replayability options.

Will you and your party make it to the summit of Mt. Byōdō and fulfill your mission? There are multiple ways this story can end…

Alternatively, you can choose to test your martial prowess on narrow pathways facing another player in a one-off battle. In this case, you can also control the enemies and bosses! The choice is yours.

More fun mechanics were added through Stretch Goals and Daily unlocks. They are explained in updates. For example, the Weak Point mechanic mitigates displeasure when a player rolls dice unsuccessfully and keeps the game moving forward, preserving your efforts from being in vain! The Moon Dial tracks time and influences Enemies, Events, Instances, and Encounters. And there are other mechanics, such as the Light and Dark leveling options or the Romance element.

As always, expect a lot of art, versatile gameplay, and exciting lore.
You will be able to use all Eldfall Chronicles skirmish components in the dungeon-crawler and vice versa as we will include both variations of components in the game. As mentioned before, it will have a similar combat style as in the Eldfall Chronicles skirmish mechanics. However, it will introduce new elements and tile-based movement of dungeon-crawling. 
Our team is pouring their hearts into making Northern WInd the best it can be.

Tomoe - Endless Rain Collab

Eldfall Chronicles X Axis Mundi Games – Sankokushin collaboration!
We released the limited edition Tomoe-Endless Rain as an add-on in the Northern Wind campaign:
READ MORE / See the sculpt: