Faris Outrider

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos

Faris Outrider

Some arcanists leave their academic studies prematurely, forsaking their official titles, duties, as well as commodities that come with them. Even if most are of nobler birth and should formally be treated like nobility, they are sometimes viewed as arrogant eccentrics or simply delinquents. They are known to roughhouse, defy the law, and even raid tombs, hauling treasures that should go into the hands of scholars to study, but instead somehow enter the black markets.

Some Faris try to keep the majority of their commodities and prestige by traversing the sands in search of young talent, whom they are meant to bring back to the Academy. Their practical talents and experience also allow them to take on rogue, hazardous mages, with hefty bounties on their heads. At the same time, they take commissions from important mages or caravans, escorting the parties through the desert paths, shielding them from errant sand writhes* or worse.

Faris are not as proficient in arcana as qualified mages, however, what they lack in academics, they substitute with travel smarts. They use enchantments to boost their abilities, which bring them on par with most adversaries.

*(Sand writhe: a terrible creature slithering across the desert, burrowing deep inside the dunes and devouring any unaware travelers.)