Contrary to popular belief, as far as ranged combat is concerned, the bow and arrow are not always the principal choice of all cultures. This stands true for Helrin, who in particular fancy the vigor and beauty of fire. Ever since the Age of Dusk began, flame shapers aboard Helrin vessels burned the path through darkness. Gifted with a strong connection to their goddess, they are much revered in the sunblessed land of Helion. Now ensuring an upper hand even in naval encounters, Flameshapers are younger adepts, who enlist into the expeditionary force, serving their nation to their fullest. While a lone flameshaper is as capable as any battlemage in their own regard, a small ensemble of them can wreak havoc across enemy ranks.

“Piromancy they callin’ it… just a fancy word for
burning things down.” –an ignorant foreigner

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos