Guildsworn Knight

The Guildsworn Knights are Guild delegates. The title is given only to the most loyal and skilled adventurers above or equal to the Master rank. They are delegates of the Guild who act as representatives, address essential matters, and ensure the Guild’s creed is followed among the adventurers. 


You can read more about the Adventurer’s Guild here and here (part 2)
The Guild is the most famous and widespread organization known to Calad. The Guild ensures that society’s needs are met –trivial or dire. To carry them out, it employs adventurers, who think of the Guild as a second home. It welcomes anyone offering their skills in exchange for payment and abiding by the Guild’s basic rules, no matter their past or path. 


Returning backers and backers that are newsletter subscribers will receive 1 Guildsoworn Knight miniature automatically added to their pledge in pledge manager, if they pledged for Core Pledge or above during the live Kickstarter campaign.
If you backed the Traveller’s pledge at the end of the campaign or opt for pledging during late pledges, you will not get a complementary miniature. 

If you missed out, you can still get the Guildsworn Knight miniature as an add-on in the pledge manager and late pledge.


Guildsworn Knight will be a mercenary (neutral) option for your party creation in the skirmish wargame. 
It will also be the first neutral leader option with Stratagems. 

In Northern Wind dungeon-crawler, the Guildsworn Knight could either hinder your advancement or, contingent upon your decisions, become an ally who aids you along your journey, possibly even playing a pivotal role in the campaign’s ultimate climax.

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