Kitsune Spellmaiden

Miniature sculpted by: Lailson Camini

Kitsune Spellmaiden

Kitsune are a sub-specie of Chimeras, a race that embodies both humanoid and beast-like features.

Albeit few in numbers, the kitsune are an integral part of the Empire of Soga. They have inhabited the north long before the first humans came to Calad. Kitsune are said to have learned their magic from the old gods themselves. Unfortunately, there are no written sources on their culture and practices predating the arrival of mankind, however, they have carefully transferred their ancient knowledge from master to apprentice all the way to this day. Whereas monks of the Rishinkyō faith tend to the spiritual health of the common people, the kitsune keep vigil on more monumental events. This often makes them appear aloof with the common folk, but it is important to keep in mind that without their rituals that appease the all-powerful primordial spirits of the land, the Empire, or even the world, would be often suffering from calamitous natural disasters and otherwise unexplained events. Observed by their two tails, the Kitsune Spellmaidens are young mystics in training. Traditionally, they are assigned as assistants to fully-fledged Honoutsukai (high shaman, that primarily wield fire), learning from them and assisting them at fox-dance rituals of purification. Performances of dance are accompanied by traditional musical instruments and magical displays of lights and spirits; they are so enchanting, that they attract people from all over the world.

Oftentimes, the kitsune send spellmaidens to support the expeditions of warrior clans and protect them from arcane corruption. This serves as training for the young kitsune as they have to learn their craft under the pressure of engagement. 

Chimeras in general tend to possess the ability to alter their physical form. Another characteristic of is that they are often gifted with an extremely long life. Just as it is apparent with all chimeras, kitsune display their power through their form. In this specific example, the more powerful a kitsune is, the more tails it has. The most powerful known individual is the First Empress of the empire, who boasts nine.