Nekomata and Komainu Spirits (Northern Wind)

Nekomata and Komainu are a part of the Northern Wind campaign. 

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A vicious enemy or a lovely familiar? The Mini and cards are included in Core Pledge and above.

The Nekomata are known to be mischievous and can bring both good fortune and misfortune to those they encounter. Legends describe the Nekomata as shape-shifting spirits, often taking the form of a two-tailed cat.

You will have the pleasure (or misfortune) of meeting Nekomata on your Journey. And if all goes really well, you might be able to ask for its help.


A fierce guardian and ferocious protector, the ancient Komainu once safeguarded Mt. Byōdō. Aether beasts abhor profanity, yet they’ve been tainted, condemned to eternal torment.

Will you try to slay it or successfully purify its essence, possibly gaining its loyalty? The Komainu may become a trusty, powerful companion you can call upon when in need.

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