The Oni

As the Empire of Soga fought tooth and nail against the Oni threat, they found themselves locked in a grueling battle with their monstrous foes for years. The Oni were a formidable force, requiring only the most skilled of warriors even to stand a chance against them. Despite their best efforts, the Empire struggled to gain any ground against the vicious creatures, mostly defending against the attacks on their northern parts.

But the Empire’s terror deepened when they delved into Oni territory. There, they discovered a startling truth: not all Oni were mindless and brutish in their form. They encountered Oni with unique traits and abilities that set them apart from the rest: they had humanoid features.

The advanced Oni are distinguishable by their human-like physiques and eerily sentient auras; these Oni possess a level of intelligence and strength that surpasses their less evolved kin. They are even known to speak, if only to taunt and threaten.

The first they met were the blood-lustful, sadistic, and arrogant Red Oni, whose strength was unmatched; they had the ability to single-handedly bring down entire parties to carnage and torment.
And when the Empire revised its strategy to the new foes, strengthening their offense and calling stronger warriors, they met their next challenge in the Blue Oni. These cunning and strategic creatures proved to be the most dangerous opponents yet. They were masters of ambushes and were observed to coordinate attacks.

Although it’s seldom spoken of, many stories suggest that the consumption of thousands of human souls fuels the Oni evolution into these advanced forms.

Brute force proved to be inadequate to defeat these formidable foes. The Empire needed a combination of strategy, skill, and a healthy dose of luck to stand against them.

A chance encounter with a blue or red Oni, also known as Rastesu, is not for the faint of heart. Few have ever returned from such an encounter to tell their tale.

Say thy prayers, for few return unscathed,
A grim fate, for those who ever met their blade.

Amidst Calad’s northern expanse,

Lies Soga’s fate, left to chance,

The Oni’s threat, a ruthless dance,

Their hunger fuelled by human trance.


Ogroid demons that once lay still,

They rise from sleep when winter’s chill,

Their cursed form, a stone-cold frill,

Becomes a frenzied, savage thrill.


Ogroid demons, a cursed breed,

Their fleshly craving, a savage need,

Beasts in form, but once they feed,

More human-like, their bodies cede.

Chiyo-Hime: The Necromancer

The encounter with the mastermind will be a harbinger of the imminent arrival of death itself and a treacherous journey into the realm of despair, where life and death intertwine in a symphony of chaos.

This ethereal visage is that of “the Blood-Night Princess,” known by the name of legend that strikes fear into the hearts of mortals.
She stands as the very embodiment of darkness, the malevolent force that shall test the mettle of the valiant. With powers that surpass human comprehension, she wields the might of a necromancer, commanding the restless spirits with effortless cruelty. Each life extinguished, each breath silenced, fuels her very essence.

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