The Profane

“The remains feed the soil. The souls feed the demons.”

The profane plagues the path leading to the summit of Mt. Byōdō.

The remnants of the Crimson Ages, a dark era marked by devastating wars, had left thousands of spirits and demons unappeased, their anger and resentment simmering in the depths of their ethereal existence.

Soga, a realm that had fought relentlessly to free itself from the yoke of foreign rule, was now burdened with internal conflicts and the weight of its bloodstained past. Grief and despair had taken hold of the land, creating fertile ground for malevolent forces to emerge. The once revered shrines and sacred places of worship, neglected and mistreated, had become shrouded in profane aura.

Those who venture forth to Mount Byōdō, tread carefully, for the spirits seek retribution and are quick to ensnare the unwary in their ethereal grasp.

Chiyo-Hime - The Necromancer

Read more about Chiyo-Hime, an Oni who can summon and control the undead and ethereal here

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