Deep in the northern mountains, well beyond the last fire-lit hut, the setting shifts to boreal ever-winter. As the time of the winter solstice encroaches, dreadful bands of brutish demons known as Oni start to awaken from their spring-induced sleep. Looking to satiate their hunger, they rampage and torment the northernmost imperial settlements, gloating over their preys’ terror.

Every year the locals attempted to fend off the towering brutes, but sustained mounds of casualties. To counter the menace, the northern Kitano clan was entrusted with the frontline, rallying proficient and unrelenting swordmasters, brave warriors engaging this devouring demonic scourge. These fully-armored braves were named Onitaoshi – the Ogre Slayers. Their wielded Ō-tachi greatswords bridge the size gap, giving them a greater chance of taking down all larger enemies.

“ 御主はもう...死んでいる。”

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos