Earthen Creatures Expansion


The Creatures Expansion can be purchased within the Warlord’s pledge or separately as an add-on.


Available to preorder – Estimated delivery: Q3 2022
– 1 V2 Colossus
– 2 Earth Elementals
– 2 Golems
– 2 Gargoyles
The Creatures Expansion includes creature models that will add to the immersion and provide the players with an epic atmosphere of massive proportions. The expansion also includes bonus creature behavior and profile cards, which will make tracking the game easier.
This Expansion is outright ideal for:
– Players who dare to tackle more difficult quests and face multiple monsters.
– Players of Sand Kingdoms, who wish to summon hordes of monsters under their command.

Additional information

Weight 0,326 kg
Dimensions 280 × 180 × 40 cm