Two-Player Starter Set: Coalition of Thenion vs. Sand Kingdoms


A new two-player starter set featuring everything you need to start collecting and playing the Coalition of Thenion and Sand Kingdoms. New Water Elemental monster included.


PRE-ORDER until April
Despite an age of peace and prosperity, skirmishes among factions are not uncommon. While some strive for power, the more resourceful ones fight for ancient secrets. Among these, two reign supreme—the wise and prosperous Sand Kingdoms and the untamed and cunning Coalition of Thenion. Choose your allegiance and conquer the mysteries of the ancient world.
This two-faction starter set is an ideal entry point into the Eldfall Chronicles skirmish wargame.
This set contains:
  • Water Elemental (Type 2, Hostile Behavior Card)
  • Coalition of Thenion Faction Starter (Nightshade, Thenrin Swashbuckler, Rangers-Guild Hunter, Night-Temple Priestess)
  • Sand Kingdoms Faction Starter (Vizier of Conjurations, Taskmage Explorer, Academy Expeditioner, Faris Outrider)
  • Essentials (89 Tokens, 4 AOE Templates, 2 Measuring tools)
  • Skirmish wargame Rulebook (v1.5)
  • All respective profile cards
  • 4 D20 dice
The miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Access the assembly guide on the website under “Resources”. Glue not included.
Available for pre-order in February 2024. Shipping with orders containing this item begins in April 2024.

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Weight 0,85 kg
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 8 cm