Upgrade Cards


50 model customization cards.

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This pack of cards includes 50 Upgrade cards. 
What are Upgrade Cards?
Upgrade cards display upgrades that the players can use to customize their models or aid them in their adventures and battles. They can be anything from additional or reinforced equipment, potions, magical items, unique abilities, stat modifications etc.
Some can be added to the whole party and used at any moment of the quest, others are assigned to a model.
You can buy them with the remaining Recruitment points that you use to recruit your party at the very beginning of your quest or campaign quest.
You can also buy them with Victory Points that you gained in your previous efforts. Campaign quests are designed to take you on a strenuous path; one which it is good to be prepared for!
For example, if the players choose to play the standard game size (3 models per player, which are from the same faction box), there are exactly 3 recruitment points left after you recruit these models. With these 3 remaining points, you can buy upgrades.
Of course, if you employ mixed models or recruit neutral models (Amazon Gladiatrix), you might be left with more or fewer recruitment points – this is how the customization of your gameplay will be possible even further when the game expands and new models are added.

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