Warlord Bundle


The premium, visually complete set for a full experience of the cooperative and narrative-driven game. This set contains everything that a player would need for every aspect of the game.

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The Warlord Bundle is the largest set we currently offer.
The set includes the Core Box with all the essentials, Colossus V1, and the 4 Faction boxes (each one contains 4 models, 4 profile cards, and 1 faction-themed box), including additionally unlocked miniatures and more! On top of that, it comes with the Creatures Expansion and bonus gifts.
The Creatures Expansion that comes with this set includes massive 7 miniatures of Earthen Creatures that will surely add to the immersion and provide the players with a truly epic and visually immersive atmosphere.
The expansion also includes extra creature profile & behavior cards, which will further ease the tracking of the game.
Moreover, there are bonus gifts, that enhance the Warlord’s collection.
Only in this set! 3 3D Quest scenery pieces that will make the experience even more picturesque and realistic.
You will also receive a paper poster of the World of Calad Map so that you may plan your future journeys into the World of Calad.
Not included in this set:
– Upgrade Cards add-on
– Scheme Cards add-on
– Faction Dice add-ons

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Items List
Core Box:
– Colossus (V1) (1 miniature, 1 profile card)
– Eldfall Chronicles dice set (4 black, 4 white D20 dice, with an engraved logo)
– Essential Tokens Pack – dense cardboard
– Essential Measuring Sticks & AoE Templates – dense cardboard
– Quest-specific Upgrade and Scheme cards (NOTE: these are not the same as the Add-on Upgrade Cards and Scheme Cards!)
– Printed Rulebook
– Eldfall Chronicles Scenery Pack – dense cardboard terrain
– 8 creature proxy tokens – dense cardboard,
– 4 creature behavior cards, 4 creature profile cards(that a player can use for playing creature tokens)
– Outer Box & compartments
– Empire of Soga Faction Starter (box, 4 miniatures, 4 profile cards):
  • Bushi Attendant
  • Onitaoshi
  • Clan Champion
  • Kitsune Spellmaiden
– Sand Kingdoms Faction Starter (box, 4 miniatures, 4 profile cards):
  • Taskmage Explorer
  • Academy Expeditioner
  • Vizier of Conjurations
  • Faris Outrider
– Coalition of Thenion Faction Starter (box, 4 miniatures, 4 profile cards):
  • Thenrin Swashbuckler
  • Rangers-Guild Hunter
  • Nightshade
  • Night-Temple Priestess
– Helian League Faction Starter (box, 4 miniatures, 4 profile cards):
  • Citadel Guard
  • Flameshaper
  • Expeditionary Hierophant
  • Helrin Expatriate
Creatures Expansion:
– Colossus (V2),
– 2x Earth Elementals,
– 2x Golems,
– 2x Gargoyles – each with a different pose,
– 4 Creature profiles cards and 4 AI cards,
– Outer Box & compartments.
– 3 miniatures representing quest-related scenery
– paper (poster) World Map of Calad.

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