Night-Temple Priestess

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos

Night-Temple Priestess

The Night Temple is a spiritual institution, similar to other temples of the seven patron gods. These are considered to be guilds and are present in almost every Thenian city. The temples of the night are dedicated to Astoreth, the goddess of love, fertility, lust, and more. Since the dawn of time, the succubi and have overseen and safeguarded the rituals of fertility and kinship in her honor.

The succubi* are daemons hailing from a time before the Elders. They are the embodied heralds of their mother-goddess Astoreth, with whom they share their alluring resemblance. While most daemons were war instruments of the gods, the succubi never truly enjoyed combat. In general, they are peaceful beings, who cherish comfort and pleasure. When enraged, however, their daemonic lineage becomes apparent.

Succubi are old and eternal but are seldomly concerned about their past. Recognizable by horns of various shapes and sizes, and slender tails, their main feature is their imposing wings. They possess the unique ability that allows them to manipulate the mind. Likewise, they are able to alter their perceived appearance into the image of someone’s most desired person. This aids them when comforting worshippers, but also allows them to charm their prey if they are pressed into violence. It is also said, that they can feed on one’s emotions and desires, draining their life force away. Sometimes, a person, looking like they lost all the will to live with indented cheeks and hollow eyes is seen exiting the temple. There are many myths circling the succubi; some even suggest, that an infatuated succubus can turn the mortal into a high vampire by draining their life force. If they infuse them with their own love and vigor, the mortal becomes an eternal companion.

It is unknown when the Thenrin first encountered the succubi and when they became an integral part of their society. However, the Night Temple has remained a pivotal element of the Thenian culture since the reestablishment of their civilization.