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Eldfall Chronicles has a living rulebook – the core rules and especially other documents might update, but more importantly, they are frequently expanded. Please keep in mind that any physically released document might not contain all the latest additions to the game. You can find everything you need on this page, even for newer releases, in the latest files. 
Find the latest errata of the core rules and other documents here to start playing and learning about Eldfall Chronicles. 

ERRATA: New changes to the Core Rules of Eldfall Chronicles and other documents have been implemented in October 2023. Find the latest versions, applicable to tournaments below (Official Resources, Errata: 1.-3.). 


  1. Grundregeln 1-40 (more coming soon, work in progress)

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To find tutorials on how to play, how to assemble your miniatures, gamepaly introduction videos, and others, head over to our Youtube channel here.


Please check out our Discord server to get the early-access resources. This page will be updated upon the physical delivery of the game. 
You can also read and view more about the game in the Game section or under “Articles“.