Seigen’s story began with tragedy and betrayal, but his resilience and determination molded him into the legendary warrior he is known today.

A past full of solitary redemption, Seigen was a man who had been cast aside by his own people but found a new purpose in life. He was a warrior, a hero, and a legend; his name would live on long after he was gone.

As a child, Seigen was groomed to be the heir of the Kitano clan’s second branch family, the Hiyadani Kitano, known for their martial prowess and unwavering loyalty to the Kitano court. He trained relentlessly under the tutelage of his father, the clan’s Champion, and earned a reputation for his exceptional skills.

However, his brilliance started to cast a large shadow.

The clan leader and the Warden of the North, Seigen’s uncle, had one son and a daughter. The daughter was already married off to the Soga court as the second Empress, becoming the most powerful human female in Soga. The son was illegitimate and, unlike Seigen, no stranger to debauchery. It was obvious the clan elders favored Seigen over the first son, and the authority was already shifting to the branch family as the leader grew older. Eventually, he started fearing a succession dispute, framing Seigen for the attempted murder of his son, Seigen’s cousin during a sparring session. To prevent his execution, his father offered his life in exchange for Seigen’s and was forced to commit seppuku. Seigen was exiled, and stripped of his title and inheritance at the young age of seventeen. Seigen’s mother was still alive and kept as a hostage, had he ever returned.

Losing grace, he was taken in by the Keshobarai, the imperial monster hunters his father served in youth.

When Seigen joined the Keshobarai, the department honored him by giving him his father’s sword, treasured as an heirloom. It was named Ishigirimaru, which translates to Stonesplitter.

Seigen wielded the sword with skill and valor, carrying on his father’s legacy. The long-hilted sword became a symbol of his strength and determination, a testament to his unwavering commitment to protecting the innocent.

As Seigen fought against abominations that threatened the people, Ishigirimaru remained at his side, a constant reminder of his resolve.

He traveled across the empire, honing his skills and battling fierce creatures. But despite his successes, Seigen remained a man without a home, choosing to devote his life to protecting.

He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of their most skilled hunters, and gaining the title Imperial Captain, in charge of his own division. Even though Seigen refused to involve himself in politics, he now had the role of discussing royal missions issued to the Keshoubarai.

In his thirties, Seigen was assigned to the defensive force against the Oni invasion in the northern part of Hiyadani – his birth domain, stirring air at the Kitano court. The defensive force, under the leadership of the Kitano court, consisted of the Onitaoshi, Keshobarai and brave Guild adventurers, willing to put their lives down for the safety of the region. 

The defensive force carefully tracked and studied the movements of Oni in the region – a ravenous ogroid that grows more similar to humans the more they eat human flesh. It was deduced that their lair must be somewhere on a now desecrated Mt. Byodo.

With the first snow, the thick of winter was approaching fast, the Oni were awakening and starting to terrorize the northernmost settlements.

An royal order came from the Warden of the North for counter-offensive, and Seigen was to take part in the vanguard. 

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