Spelldancers are skilled arcanists, known for their rhythmic spellcasting rituals. 


A hundred years ago, the fifteen-year-long War of Asha raged between the Sand Kingdoms and the tribes of the Valley of Life. After the war left both sides fatigued and the conflict lost its purpose, they agreed to terms, and the tensions subsided. Certain stipulations brought the two nations into closer relations, and eventually, the two distinct sides became more familiar. Cultural exchanges were permitted in regulated conditions, and trade flourished to benefit both sides tremendously -the Sand Kingdoms gained new knowledge and insight into ancient native practices, whereas the tribes acquired approval to enter the walled cities, markets, and halls. Advancements sprouted in the communication between the more stoic Academy and the spirited arcanists of the Oasis, allowing diffusion of magical thought.

With the blend of previously denounced native ritualistic expressions and academic practices, a new school of magic called the House of Anima was formed. It based its system on chimeric practices, which are more ritualistic, spiritualistic, soul-animating, and even esoteric. Today, it houses all arcanists that do not fall within the common categories of spellcasting. To name a few, the arcanists evoke their powers through music, dance, meditation, shape-shifting, physical artistic expressions, acrobatics, spirit control, and others.

Spell dancing is but one of the arcane expressions the school of Anima teaches. The arcanist pulls and tugs on the mana within them, coiling and guiding its flow into desired forms and intensities. The most natural way to spell cast for these arcanists is to move their bodies with that flow, animating their magic with their movements.

Their dances are so beautiful and expressive, the House of Anima holds yearly festivals in its gardens, where the Spelldancers, and other students, can put on a grand show to attract newcomers and patrons.

One of the great benefits of Spelldancers practicing such exact control of their own forms is that they can, in turn, command magic that can kill them in a heartbeat if the body is not in sync with the energies within. A great example is electromancy (controlling electricity), the most difficult display of aeromancy (air magic) one can master.

Armamancy manifests mana in the form of weapons (weapon summoning). The caster must siphon mana, Aether, from the Void realm into our own. Aether is the purest, but also the most volatile kind of mana prone to taking on new properties, because it has none of its own. It absorbs all energies it comes in contact with, making it vital for the caster to block any possibility of Aether mixing with their own energies. An arcanist can only achieve this, if they learn to fully control the flow and circuit within them, creating a wall around it. As an interesting fact, most known Void-Runners (those few who try to enter or travel through the Void) train, at least for a while, in the House of Anima, to fortify their barrier.