The One-Eyed Wolf

Tharos was a solemn person, one with a bleak past and a knack for cunning.
His early life was marred by tragedy which pushed him into a turbulent life. Trained as an assassin and forced to lead a life of servitude in the criminal underworld, he believed his life was forfeit, undeserving of compassion. Through his later years, he sought redemption and solace, finally living in the light. Only to experience hardship anew. 

Tharos was orphaned at a young age and taken in by the Alchemists Guild of the Temple Enki in Tanis, a city nestled deep in the land of Thenion. Unfortunately, his guild was overpowered by a rival guild in his early adolescence, leaving Tharos bereft of both kin and sanctuary. Despite surviving the ordeal, he was forced into mercenary servitude for the guild that slew his kin. For years he skulked through the undercity of Tanis, a place that left a stain on his soul in the aftermath of loss.


But fate took a turn when a violent encounter with another guild left Tharos gravely injured, left for dead by his new master. But he survived and fled under the pretense of death, seeking shelter with the Rangers Guild. At this point he was still considered a youngling, only 19 years old. 

The Rangers Guild operated from a fort outside of the caved city where he learned how to scout and monitor the surroundings. He trained and lived to redeem his dishonest past, discovering a newfound appreciation for freedom and life, all while learning the ways of Tiamat. Through the years ahead, he built up a reputation and one day managed to single-handedly take down an attack of a band of corsairs, who sought to raid the outskirts of Tanis. The matriarch of Tanis, Feyr invited him to join her Bladebrethren – the closest guard and task force that works directly under a Matriarch. Tharos accepted her offer and quickly rose through the ranks, proving himself a capable member, while earning the trust of his troop.

During his time with the Bladebrethren, Tharos learned to work as part of a team and honed his combat skills, making him a formidable ally. He was promoted to the queen’s inner circle, privy to sensitive information about the workings of the court. Tharos became an integral part of the queen’s security detail consisting of the best Bladebrethren and Nightshades. He often accompanied her on official duties and missions and as he spent more time with the queen, their bond grew stronger, and Tharos became her trusted advisor and confidante.

Tharos’ commitment to protecting the queen became more than just a duty, and he came to admire and care deeply for her. In turn, the queen appreciated his presence and touch. As he became the queen’s consort and sworn protector, Tharos found solace in his new purpose. Life was a blessing for a couple of years.

One grim night, a rivaling matriarch contender, backed by various renegade guilds, staged a swift coup. A bloody revolt in the streets was led by no other than then very guild Tharos was once forced to serve. Feyr was ensnared by enemy elites in her bedchamber, just out of Tharos’ reach. She was mortally wounded, and as Tharos finally came to her side, she only had a few moments left. On her deathbed, she demanded of Tharos to save his life and find comfort far away.

Tharos, consumed by grief, unleashed his rage upon the assailants, showing no mercy as he carved his way through their ranks, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. Though he emerged victorious, Tharos bore the scars of battle, having sacrificed his eye in the heat of the fight.


His actions that night made him a marked man, the most sought-after criminal in Tanis. In the aftermath, Tharos remembered his queen’s words and began making arrangements to depart. However, his thirst for vengeance remained unquenched, prompting him to carry out a chilling act of retribution: the assassination of both the new queen and his former master on the very night of the queen’s coronation.
With Thenion no longer his home, Tharos joined the Adventurers Guild, where he could put his formidable skills to use, quickly gaining the rank of Veteran. He eagerly accepted quests that took him across the expanse of Calad. In his travels, he gained a trusty companion, who he named Batu. 

Batu was a beautiful stargaze hawk with iridescent markings.

As a chick, Batu was lively and carefree but no ordinary hawk. From the moment he hatched from his egg, it was clear that he was different from his siblings. While they were content to stay in the nest and wait for their mother to bring them food, Batu was always eager to explore the world around him. His feathers shimmered in the moon, and his eyes seemed to glow with an inner fire that marked him as a creature of great strength and courage.

He loved the evergreen forest he grew up in; it was the center of his world. But as he grew, Batu had to leave the haven his nest provided to find his own hunting grounds. Batu found new land, unclaimed by his own ilk. For a day, he proudly surveyed his new home and basked in the starlight.

Then, the storm hit. The winds were so strong that they tore branches from the trees and knocked over boulders in their path. The rain and hail battered Batu’s wings, and for hours, he fought against the storm, trying to find shelter from the relentless onslaught. He flew this way and that, but everywhere he turned, the winds seemed to push him back. Batu, weary from his fight, was finally tossed into a lake, his wings wet and hurt from the impact.

A man clad in brigandine, padded leathers, and ragged cloaks made camp for the night at the lake’s bank, where a piece of old driftwood lodged itself into rocks to form a natural refuge from the elements. Just as he was kindling his fire, he saw a kaleidoscope of colors reflecting off the water – a bird was fighting for its life, unwilling to leave this earthly plane. Tharos dove into the storm-wrought waters to rescue the struggling bird. As Batu had never seen a Rin before, and he didn’t know what to make of the gigantic creature who had come to his aid. Batu awoke the next morning. He rustled his feathers and looked at the man, now slumped against the cold rock, fast asleep. From that day forward, Batu was inseparable from his savior. The hawk became Tharos’ loyal companion, flying ahead to scout out new territories and alerting him to danger, replacing his lost eye with razor-sharp avian senses.

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