Tomoe - Endless Rain

Original characters (Tomoe and Endless Rain) courtesy of Axis Mundi Games. Miniature and design by Freecompany. The miniature will be manufactued in limited quantities in premium Unicool Hard Plastic.


“In the dying embers of the warring states era, Tomoe emerged victorious over her nemesis—the Endless Rain.

However, her victory carried unforeseen consequences. The lingering tendrils of the Rain’s essence persisted, despite its defeat. They clung to Tomoe and she began experiencing an overwhelming hatred towards the gods, gradually losing touch with reality as if the darkness was consuming and distorting her very mind. At the end of her struggle, it finally engulfed her, leaving her adrift in unfathomable Abyss within the boundless depths of the Endless Rain.

One day, Tomoe awoke in a land both known and unknown to her.

This new world was not entirely different, but the sky bore an unfamiliar hue. It seemed as if it was staring right back at her, exuding a power, that permeated her very being—a force both daunting and gentle. Yet, something else lurked; a gaze from beyond the mortal veil fixed upon her, more fearsome than the relentless Rain she had vanquished.

She had so many questions. How had she escaped the clutches of the Endless Rain? Where was she now? And why did she feel the fusion of her essence with that of her nemesis? Her appearance was altered, disturbing her. Her sacred bow crafted from the sacred Sakura tree was gone as well, replaced with a shakujō staff, bearing the mark of her enemy. But she felt a pull toward the staff; it reminded her of the bow in a lot of ways and she felt somewhat at ease.

Gratitude welled within Tomoe’s heart, grateful for the return of her senses after such a prolonged darkness. She felt more like herself than in a long time. She will never again surrender to the whims of fate. No, now she must seize control and unravel the mystery that binds her, that changed her.

The tale of Tomoe was far from its conclusion, and her destiny beckoned, concealed within the unknown.”

You will learn more about Tomoe’s story and what kind of a Hero she is in the context of Northern Wind. Stay tuned for more, and strap in for her mind-bending adventure.


Only available for a very limited time in limited quantities in the Gamefound Pledge Manager and Late Pledges! Once this period is over, the model will be gone for good.

Not a backer? Not a problem. You can enter the late pledges when they open and grab the miniature just as in any other web store. We’ll let you know when it is available and how to get it via the newsletter, social media, and Kickstarter updates 

*The pledge manager will open in October 2023. Late pledges will open shortly after. 


Tomoe – Endless Rain will bring some excellent new elements to Eldfall Chronicles and Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind! You will be able to play her in Eldfall Chronicles the skirmish wargame, and in Northern Wind. 
Not only can she be an ally, you will be able to choose Tomoe – Endless Rain as one of your 4 heroes! Look forward to the way you will meet her in the Northern Wind campaign, the story she has to tell you and the role she will play in your playthrough! We are cooking up very intersting twists and ends! In Northern Wind, Tomoe-Endless Rain has her own hero profiles, her own light and dark leveling path, backstory, and her involvement can change the course of your campaign.

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