Vizier of Conjuration

The Grand Academy utilizes a complex meritocratic system of hierarchy. While it is the beating heart of the sands, the true strength and power of the Academy lives through every one of its affiliates. The most successful and accomplished of scholars gain the title of Vizier in their own area of expertise, making them court administrators. They represent the authority of the Academy over each Nome, carrying out their duty to enforce the law and grant wishes of the government.

The Viziers of Conjurations are a particularly powerful class. They employ various sorts of summoned ‘creatures’ carved with mana and even hordes of out-worldly beasts. With them they avert all dangers praying upon the walled cities, be it blighted fiends from the sweltering wastelands or others foolish enough to approach with ill intent. Occasionally you can encounter them accompanying parties on their outings.

Miniature sculpted by: Pedro Tavares Santos