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Are you a player, community, painter, or store owner?

Join the Player Map and connect with others!

The Player Locator Map displays the locations of Eldfall Chronicles enthusiasts. Please add yourself to the list to help grow local communities and make it easier for others to find nearby players. Let’s enhance the map and get playing!

Begin by placing a new marker on the map. Please add your name, nickname or store/community name in the left bracket. Add notes in the right bracket such as “player”, “shop”, “club”, etc.). Please do not reveal your exact location, full name, or anything else. It is best to write your Discord name as well, if you have one. 

Please respect other people’s privacy and entries and please do not change the existing entries.


Share your painted minis in the Discord in the #miniature-painting channel:  (you have to log in to access). 

Or share them on Instagram with the #paintingeldfall


Please check out our Discord server to get the early-access resources. This page will be updated upon the physical delivery of the game. 
You can also read and view more about the game in the Game section or under “Articles“.