Hey there!

In this post I’d like to talk about factions and how they compare to one another (in terms of play-style and feel). 

As mentioned in the gameplay description, the game resembles skirmishes and expeditions in a fantasy world with a high-medieval feel, named Calad. So, a typical game will resemble engagements of small combat groups (consisting of about 3-7 models per side) of ”hand-picked” individuals.

I’ll try to briefly explain how we envisioned each faction and how they behave according to our playtesting data.

Let’s jump into it!


The Empire of Soga:

With a few exceptions, the empire is largely populated by humans. Hence, what they lack in magic, they make up for in martial prowess and by having the finest military equipment. This makes them the most resilient of the four. While models may have to be careful of some more unusual shenanigans (special magic attacks etc.), their superior armour makes them sturdy enough to face mostly anything quite head-on. Because of this, they might be more straightforward to play, however they truly shine under a capable command.  




The Helian League:

The Helian League is in its gameplay the most balanced of the four factions. Their models benefit both from magic and quality gear, and share a form of synergy, where each models brings something crucial to the party. This makes their combat groups powerful and versatile, however, this may change if the number of your models starts to dwindle.

The Thenian Coalition:

As their lore suggests, Thenrin are not familiar with the concept of professional standing armies, which reflects in their play. While their models are not particularly resilient, they are the fastest and most mobile of these four factions, excelling at roguish and guerrilla tactics. Their models should allow you to engage the enemy from multiple directions, and employ all sorts of cunning and stealth against them.




The Sand Kingdoms:

The models are mostly all mages and each one of them can singlehandedly deal significant damage* to the enemy. Moreover, their summoners will give you access to other creatures, which may fight and take damage in place of your ‘more valuable’ group members. Knowing your models, their spells and how to keep them safe will play a crucial role in your battles. 

*Some might be concerned that summoners and mages are over-powered. They are indeed strong, but mostly lack armour (lore-wise it inhibits their channelling of mana) and although their spells can reach far, they do not out-reach arrows and similar missile weapons. 




There will also be mercenaries, neutral models, which can be recruited to any faction and will allow you to fill some openings if you feel it’s necessary for your style of play.

Note: The factions will gain more and more models in the future (if the Kickstarter is successful), which will allow you to customize your factions to a large degree and tailor them to your preferred play-style.


Thanks for reading! We would be happy to answer any questions you send our way. 

Also, sharing our content would bring our project closer to reality! 

– Tjaša (T-chan)