How We Manufacture Our Miniatures

Get the official sneak peek into how our miniatures are hand-crafted behind the scenes. Although we can’t spill all the secrets, we’ll show you the complex and hard work involved in crafting our beloved miniatures.

First off, we use cutting-edge 3D printers to create the basis for the very first high-resolution mold, used for the creation of what we call “masters”. These were carefully tested, cleaned, and improved for the casting process.

Once perfected, these masters serve as the foundation for reproduction.

Next, we make a mold using silicone, and separations are precisely carved into it. These molds are meticulously crafted by hand and have to be remade periodically.

This mold is where our special liquid resin mix is poured into and solidified under precise conditions. The material that comes out of the mold is then called Unicool Hard Plastic.

Each piece of the miniature is taken out of its mold by hand and cleaned up. And that’s how it is made!

We use silicone molds because they effectively capture even the smallest details, and their flexibility enables us to create highly dynamic miniatures in just a few pieces—something not easily achievable with other materials or metal molds.

Remember, this process and our unique Unicool Hard Plastic material were specifically developed for Eldfall Chronicles, but they are now utilized by several other publishers as well. Beware of cheap machine-made imitations— if it’s not from Unicool Games Manufacturing, it’s not the real deal!

For more on the material, how to assemble and prepare your miniatures for painting, and why we chose unicool hard plastic, read this article:

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