Beautiful and lethal as the belladonna flower, these mistresses of the
Thenian courts are ladies in waiting, attending on their matriarch. When they are not representing their liege on diplomatic missions or extending her will, they hone their courtly talents. They are said to be trained in various arts of cunning, specializing in assassination, guerilla warfare, poisons and other more ‘delicate’ arts of persuasion and diversion. They are keepers of order, working from the shadows, assuring their matriarch’s supremacy within
the Thenian hollows and beyond. Most matriarchs were once of their station, chosen from the finest of the order.

“They say their daggers are so fine, you cannot feel getting stabbed… Shame no one lived long enough to verify this tale.” – Ramblings of a drunken man

Miniature sculpted by: Lailson Camini